Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Lee Smith (Le Van) big Vietnamese age 55 years (since 2009). 
He loved his wife very much, every night he would sleep hugging female love in the arms of him every night 
in 2003 his wife died. He could not sleep the sleep soundly No longer on her next 
, so he used to sleep on her grave for more than 20 months, but due to weather conditions and wind and rain, it's deteriorating health and anxious 
sleep. I have no idea. I'll dig a tunnel into the side to use as it is with her ​​again 
on the children. Lee was aware of. The idea of this strange, but I know in my father's mother and knew that I could not stop Lee. 
But in the end, Lee was an idea that instead of bringing them to her. Why does not she come to him instead, but it does little 
to dig the grave of Lee's wife and her skeleton that. 
leagues. Using a small piece of paper and clay body wrap and her mummy 
's mask to the paper. Cover her face. 
After that, Lee had a nice sleep every night. My wife just before they go and sleep with his wife, Lee is still more than five years. 's son and wife love mummy. In a clean bed to sleep every night, hugging the body of my wife covered with paper. And clay of her son. I still love her. And he can sleep. The bodies of the mother as well. If you think that's news to me as I. It is just such a draft paper dolls are ready to sleep retard the paper to prove to everyone on mine Daa tear out. It was found the bones of the forearms. The image I have to admit in his love. I think it's not why we love is a love or passion, if you can have this love or not.

Shahzad Afzal

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