Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Highest number of comments on Facebook

1 Million comments on Facebook... amazing!!! a group of just 100 people made 1,000,000 plus comments to break the world record of most comments on single post. 

Previously according to the Guinness World Records website: "As of June 29 2011, the most comments on a single Facebook item is 529,335, in response to a post made on 10 January 2011, on the Facebook page for Roberto Esposito (Italy)." 

Group name "Ffgpioneers/gwr/attempt" set this new record, but their world record need to official yet. They are already in news. They posted almost 10,000 comments per user to reach 100K. These members are all fan on "FRONTIERVILLE" game on facebook.

Group: Ffgpioneers/gwr/attempt https://www.facebook.com/groups/234321533289185/

Record is official now its on Guinness world record website : http://cot.ag/yk2ui3

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