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American / International Politics - Part 3

American / International Politics - Part 3
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Palestinian girl runs with some of her belongings as an Israeli
army bulldozer demolishes homes in the Rafah refugee camp

Concept: Dr. Apollo - Art: James Neff

T-Shirt Design -

By Mark Vallens
Art By Paul Heringa
Art By Harpeau Crapaud
Emperor Bush ©2003 John LeFrancois

©2003 Kristina Loomis

'The Cost Of 'Liberating' Iraq' - ©2003 Jason Christie
Click Image For Large View

©2003 John Chuckman

Monster "Z" - Coming To A Muslim Country Near You!!
©2003 James Neff

10th Anniversay Splash

©2003 James Neff

©2003 James Neff

Interesting Title, huh?
©2003, James Neff.

©Micah Wright

Artwork By Dr. Arthur Nuko
"Stealing the Joules of Baghdad"

'Liberated' Iraqi Children
Photographer Mike Moore, The Mirror-UK

Poster from WhiteHouse.Org ©2003

Bush's Gift To The Iraqi People - Depleted Uranium

Illustration for article titled "Night of the Living Dead"
The Woman and the Bulldozer: Sobhiya Al-Amour (50) facing an Israeli bulldozer.
This bulldozer had destroyed two Palestinian houses. In the Photo,
it is digging up her field of olive trees. Thousands of olive trees were uprooted
by the Israeli army since the beginning of the Intifada as a
collective punishment to the Palestinians.


Artwork by Kelby Omer "SuperBush" © Copyright, 2001

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